• Our Products Include Pulp Food Packaging

    Our Products Include Pulp Food Packaging

    Our products include pulp food packaging and industrial packaging, cardboard food-grade packaging and bamboo tableware. The product categories include plates, bowls, plates, boxes, straws, knife and fork food bags and industrial product bases, etc. 
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  • Bagasse Tableware

    Bagasse Tableware

    Based in Guangdong, China, E-BEE BIOMATERIAL relies on high technology to produce disposable environmentally friendly tableware and pulp packaging products. The company’s products can replace foamed plastics, promote the control of white pollution, improve human health and living standards,...
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  • E-BEE Bio material

    E-BEE Bio material

    E-BEE Bio material, a leading manufacturer and supplier of biodegradable disposable tableware. Our company is committed to providing eco-friendly alternatives to traditional disposable tableware, with a focus on sustainability and innovation.
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